best stock for tomorrow 14th Sep'20
best stock for tomorrow 14th Sep'20

Best Intraday Stocks in India for tomorrow are selected by StockMony team. Perfect levels and breakouts are analysed before declaring any stock as the best intraday stock in India for tomorrow. Here complete discussion will be about the Intraday stock in India for tomorrow – 14th Sep 2020.
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Best Intraday stock for tomorrow 14th Sep’20


LTP 201.85PriceTarget 1Target 2
BUY ->201205209

Add this to your watchlist. Lot of fluctuation can be seen in INFRATEL. Be very careful, this has to come above 201 level to see a bullish trend. Only then you can keep the target as 205 and 209. If the level is sustained below 195, then we can get the chance of short selling and we can keep the target 1 as 191 downside and target 2 as 187.

INFRATEL chart for tomorrow sep 20

We can see many big candle in this stock. This is 6 month chart. On friday it gave closing at 201.90. From there it gave bearish trend. If it maintains the same level then easily 3-4 points we can take in this. Do not over greed. If you get 2-3 points then also book profit and close the trade and do not dare to enter the same stock again.

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LTP 447.20PriceTarget 1Target 2
BUY ->451456461

Another stock, that you can keep in your learning watchlist is AXISBANK. If this stock sustains above 451 then you can see a good bullish trend and we can keep the targets as 456 and 461. However, If this is below 445 then we might see a bearish move. Targets can be seen as 441 and 436 respectively.



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