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If you are new to stock market, this section is for you.

economic moat

What is Economic Moat? | Moat concept by Warren Buffett

Economic moat is a special type of advantage for a company over others ( like it's brand, identity, patent ) which makes...
depreciation and amortization

What is Depreciation and Amortization? | What are assets? | Must read

Amortization and Depreciation are two ways to calculate value of business assets. The overall expense of business assets can be calculated each...
what is the stock market?

What is the stock market? | Buy and sell shares | Stockmony

Stock market , intraday trading, Future and options are gaining huge popularity in India. Detailed explanation of What is the Stock market...
interest coverage ratio

What is Quick ratio and Interest Coverage ratio? | Stock market : Lesson 12

What is Quick ratio and Interest coverage ratio? I know you are confusing these two terms because there is no proper explanation...
the 10x rule

The 10X Rule Summary | Grant Cardone | Keypoints

They 10X Rule Summary is having learnings regarding how to get money, and how to multiply it. Here you will learn about...
benefits of msme registration

Benefits of msme registration | How to Apply | Which Documents needed?

Benefits of msme registration is a must read Blog for every wannabe entrepreneur or a small business person who is thinking to...
thinking fast and slow

Thinking Fast and Slow Keypoints | Daniel Kahneman | Investor

Thinking fast and slow keypoints are delivered from a noble prize awarded physologist , Blog where you will learn about how psychological...
what is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin ? क्या मुझे Bitcoin में पैसा लगाना चाहिए? | Crypto Explained

Bitcoin is a crypto currency, which will hardly clear your concept so today we will discuss completely about Bitcoin as well as...
Buy HOME or RENT ?

Buy HOME or RENT? | Should i take a LOAN or WAIT ?

Most of the humans have this one idea or desire in mind to own their own House. You too? Great. This Blog...
NFT explained

What is NFT? | NFT’s Explained | NFT Crypto | Shall I Invest?

What is NFT and it's use in decentralised finance explanation will be prime focus of this blog. Non fungible tokens complete word...

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