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Here you will get the knowledge about the different terms, behaviour and circumstances of stock market. Mainly different terminologies will be explained. Different stocks will be picked on monthly and weekly basis and complete education will be provided on it - Its current prise, breakout, support, resistance and everything. Stock education is very important in todays's time as many new comers come to trade and loose a lot of money, eventually ending up the trading career.

Porter's 5 Forces vs SWOT Analysis

Porter’s 5 Forces vs SWOT Analysis : Which one is better ?

Porter's 5 Forces vs SWOT Analysis are two framework which is used by analysts, investors and strategists. These methods are favoured while...
bottom up investing

What is Bottom up investing? Definition with Example

Bottom up investing is a type of investing where analysis of each significant stock is emphasised more over maxro economix cycles or...
How to measure stock price volatility?

How to measure stock price volatility? | Standard deviation method

How to measure stock price volatility? A question which comes in mind of almost every investor and anaylst.
couch potato portfolio

What is Couch potato portfolio? | Can you make money from it?

Couch potato portfolio is a bunch of stocks with an intention for a long term investment. People like us who buy stocks...
net worth

What is Net worth ? Types of net worth and it’s example

Net worth is the total valuation of an individual or an organisation where your financial condition is determined. Total number of assets...
Fama and French three factor model

Fama and French three factor model | What is F&F3 Model?

Fama and French three factor model is an asset pricing model developed in 1992. It elaborates size risk and capital risk factors...
winsorized mean

What is winsorized mean? | Definition with example

Winsorized mean is a method of averaging, a formulae with the help you which you can calculate the mean from the given...

What is clearinghouse? Concept explained in detail

Clearinghouse is a professional entity whose work is being an intermediate between a buyer and seller in a financial market. The entity...
capital investment

What is Capital Investment? Definition with example

Capital investment is a company's decision to invest money in passive income sources or expanding manufacturing assets. An investment by a company...
delivery vs payment

Delivery vs Payment | What is DVP? Definition and Example

Delivery vs Payment is a securities industry settlement method or you can say stock industry share settlement method. It guarentees the transfer...

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