delivery vs payment

Delivery vs Payment is a securities industry settlement method or you can say stock industry share settlement method. It guarentees the transfer of securities only when payment is complete. DVP make sure buyers cash payment for securities must happen prior to or at the time of delivery of securities.

Delivery Versus Payment is the process from the buyer’s point of view.
From sellers point of view, this concept is receive versus payment.

This system need generated when instituions started getting ban from paying money for securities before the securities are in negotiable form. It is also known as delivery against payment ( DAP ), delivery against cash ( DAC ) or cash on delivery.

Keypoints from the blog

  1. Takeaways from delivery vs payment
  2. Understand the concept

1. Takeaways from delivery vs payment

  • Delivery vs payment is a security settlement process which make sure payment of the securities is received prior or at the time of delivery of securities.
  • This process reduces the chances of securities being delivered without payment or payment is taken in front of no delivery of securities.

2. Understanding the concept

It is a settlement system which acts as a interlink between fund transfer system and security transfer system. From an operational point of view, it is a sale transaction of negotiable securities.

This system reduces the risk of financial transaction or delivery of security without payment. It allows automatic processing, title and payment happens at the same time.

3. How delivery vs payment works

The major idea behind this automation is to reduce the risk of delivery of securities without payment. Now delivery of securities only takes place if buyer pays the amount for the same.

System helps to check payment accompanies deliveries, reducing principal risk, doesn’t hold the payment or securities in the stress of market movements and reduces liquidity risk.

Institutions are required to demand assets of equal value in exchange of delivery of security.

Hope you got to learn everything about Delivery verses payment, stay tuned for more upcoming informational blogs.


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