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What is a candlestick in stock

Candlestick is all about the red and green colour sticks that we see on our stock site while trading. It was discovered by Japanese 100 years ago. Traders generally watch it to analyse the patterns that were made in past to predict the move in future. It is no rocket science to read the stock fundamentally and technically.

What does it mean ?

Which means, If the opening prise of a stock is more than the previous closing prise, then new candle will be Green and If the opening prise is less than the previous closing, then the candle formed will be Red in colour. Traders often make it as Black and white instead of Red and Green.
We can often see it moving UP and DOWN. This works like our life. We humans are emotional. But stock market is not. A single news : fake or truth can completely change the patterns of candlestick. Some day It goes up, whereas some days it goes down.

Due to its colourful pattern it becomes easier for the traders to analyse the patterns and make future move. Analysing past patterns also becomes simple. Candlestick patterns can go Bullish or Bearish.

Explain Bullish and Bearish Candle

BULLISH means simply the BULL which runs in speed without looking right or left, whereas BEARISH is like a BEAR which is slow and is indicated by a red candle. Experienced Trades make money both sides. Once can BUY a stock on every dip and SELL on every rise or can Sell on every rise and BUY on every dip.

Emotion Attached

Market is cruel to traders who are not patient in life. Trading is not a part time hobby, It is a Full Time carrier for many. I have seen people losing lots of money in market. Lot means 50lakh +. Generation of such people never trade again, hence they loose the beautiful opportunity to be Rich in life. Market gives opportunity to everyone to make some money. Just need to grab that moment. One should be disciplined and follow strict rules of trading.

  • Always keep Stop Loss
  • Never average Loss
  • Never follow crowd as fake news can spoil your portfolio
  • Learn trade
  • Accept PROFIT and Accept LOSS
  • Never borrow and trade
  • Never take LOAN and trade
  • Never be Greedy


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