Stock memes
Stock memes

Stock memes are gaining extreme popularity these days. People who trade or those who do not trade love to check out stock memes. A lot of people watch it to combat stress. Check out these funny stock memes and enjoy them.

1. Friend invested in same stock

Investment by friend in the same stock

2. Profit screenshot

Trading profit screenshots

3. My crime was bigger

Who did big crime

4. Social Distancing guidelines

Social distancing

5. Say Bull. .

6. Buy at the Dip

buy at the dip

7. My uncle took stock tip services

stock tip service are pathetic


HDFC stock memes

9. Rare pic

ramayana memes

10. Let me *check* my portfolio

stock portfolio memes

11. YES bank merge with SBI

YES bank stock memes

12. Invested in FD’s

debt fund stock memes

13. Market risk are subject to Mutual Fund

mutual fund stock memes

14. Bear Market and Bull market stocks

stock memes

15. A Rally

small and mid cap stock memes

16. Junk bonds rated by Indian agency

junk bond declared stock memes

17. Small cap investors

small cap investor stock memes

18. Wife’s mind

stock memes

That’s all folks. Keep enjoying and happy investing !!


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