trade while in college
trade while in college

Investment is not an option, It is a necessity and many students while in college want to trade stock. Stockmony team understood the need and took the responsibility to explain investing Step-By-Step.

Yes, it is true that saving 20000/month can make you crorepati in the span of 20 years but It will take another 8 years for you to come down to Rs 0.
How ? Answer is Inflation.

What is Inflation ?
A samosa that costed 25 paisa at one point of time is Rs 10 today.

So, how can you help yourself now ?
Very easy, diversify your Income. Firstly, Invest in something which gives fixed returns for longer period of time. Secondly, Invest in something which gives good returns of 10 – 12% for longer duration, which is possible only in stock market where you can get a handsome returns of even 10000%.

Why should you trade stock while in college ?
This is the best time when you get the wonderful experience of experiencing the 8th wonder of the world. The money minting experience. Only at this time you have enough to do research and gain a lot.

Benefits to trade stock while in college :

  • More time to do proper research
  • Get experience in early stage of life
  • Learn patients and many new things
  • How to place SL and SL-M order
  • Which stock to BUY
  • Can develop a habit like a trader
  • Get familier with the trading terms
  • Get knowledge on various other business and further research can lead to wonderful stories of their owners
  • Will get to know more about Penny stock
  • Can understand Candlestick better
  • Gimmicks of market can be understood
  • Can learn to avoid future mistakes while investing
  • How to BUY and SELL a stock


  1. Open a DEMAT account. (CLICK HERE)
  2. Read on how to BUY/ SELL a stock
  3. For INTRADAY trading check Stock Analysis daily
  4. For Delivery calls stay tuned, because when It will be a sure shot multibragger stock
  5. Never do gambling and learn the 5 rules of trading


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