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After a long long time YES bank FPO has come. Many have hope that this might turn out to a multi-bragger stock. I have mentioned 5 points below to make you understand If investing in YES bank or YES bank FPO is good or not.

1. At what price YES bank employee is getting

It all started with a price band of INR 12-13. If you as a retailer is getting it in Rs 12 then, an employees of Yes bank will get it in Rs 11. Even thought employees are getting 7-8% profit in day 1 still 0.11% employees have invested in it. Why their own employees are not putting their hard earned money in their own company. Strange nah !!

2. LOCK IN Period : NA

Understand this point very clearly that people who are investing today in YES BANK FPO are having clear intention to withdraw the money If they are hit. Just imagine the situation of YSE bank stock on the day of listing. Even today we can see its gap down opening on daily basis. This might be a trap.

3. Will PNB come up with next FPO?

Yes !! Everybody want to wash hands in the flowing river. After YES bank FPO, PNB is in line. They believe that market has money, so why not to give it a try. I might also be wrong. But PNB is not having a good track record. I hope no one has forgotten Nirav Modi case, where in PNB was also associated. This can be the biggest trap and injustice to the retailers like you and me.

4. Are you ready to keep your money in YES bank

If your answer is NO. Then how can you even think to invest in YES bank FPO. Financials of Yes bank is very poor as of date. We don’t know If this improves in future and we might get a chance to invest but currently it seems like a gambling to invest in its FPO.
History speaks, retailers are mostly trapped by YES bank. Institutions can again manipulate YES Bank. Retail investor has already made huge loss in market. Many retailers have already lost trust due to few steps that were taken by bank in past.

5. Listing day

It will be no surprise If the stock opens up with Lower Circuit on the listing day. Nobody would want to loose the hard earned money. Think properly and invest. StockMony has verified the balance sheet and fundamentals and confirmed that it is not the good time to invest in FPO of YES Bank. Rest is in the hands of retailers.


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